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Tanker lorry trailer in the UK

Lorry Trailer Manufacturers UK

Whether you’re a large haulier adding to your fleet or a small operator wanting to start hauling goods, choosing the right lorry trailer can be crucial for success. The UK boasts many trailer manufacturing companies that cater for all needs – from low-loaders to curtain-side units for easy-access loads.

Our team has investigated the leading lorry trailer makers across the UK and provides an overview of some of the most trusted names supplying transport firms, agricultural businesses, and individual owners.

We looked at their specialities, production capabilities and notable models they’ve introduced to UK roads over the years.

Whether it’s your first trailer or you’re replacing old kit, choosing the right lorry trailer ultimately comes down to the manufacturer – and of course, the cost!

That said, Evangate FS can arrange finance for almost any type of trailer (new or used). Or if you are looking for an HGV lease, tractor unit loan, tow truck or another form of vehicle asset finance, we can help here, too.

Tiger Trailers

Founded in 2014 by John and Steven Cartwright and Chairman David Williams, Tiger Trailers is one of the UK’s leading trailer and bodywork manufacturers. It is located in Winsford, Cheshire, and operates from an impressive 168,000 sq ft state-of-the-art production facility.

They supply major parcel, retail and logistics companies with innovative trailer solutions, outstanding build quality and exceptional customer service. Well-known clients include Howdens and Maritime Transport.

Since its establishment, the company has pioneered developments like the first 52-pallet double-deck trailer in the UK market. Ongoing engineering achievements also include lightweight curtainsider trailers and advanced load restraint systems.

Tiger’s modern production site contains robotic welding, shot blasting, and paint facilities for end-to-end in-house manufacturing. Additionally, Tiger utilises 3D engineering and virtual reality technology to enhance its trailer designs.

Tiger Trailers’ range of trailers includes curtainsiders, box vans, double-deck trailers, temperature-controlled units, swap bodies, and rigid-sided commercial trailers.

It’s no wonder the business turns over around £90 million annually.

The company is one of the most innovative and customer-focused in the current market. For more information, visit

Lawrence David Limited

Lawrence David is a name you will undoubtedly have seen going up and down the motorways. Initially founded in Peterborough in 1973, Lawrence Marshall quickly built a reputation for quality trailers. His son Laurence later took over the running of the business.

Lawrence David offers a wide range of trailers, including curtainsiders (3.5t—32 t), box vans (7.5 t—32t), double decks, platform trailers, skeletal trailers, rigid bodywork, dropsides, and more. With in-house paint, fabrication, and fitting facilities, they provide an integrated design and manufacturing service.

The company supplies trailers and commercial vehicles, parts and accessories, and maintenance and repair services for other companies.

Trusted by major fleets and owner-operators alike (Tuffnells being one of them), Lawrence David has cemented its reputation through engineering excellence and lasting customer partnerships. Its trailers and rigid vans stand the test of time even on Britain’s potholed roads.

Visit their website

SDC Trailers

SDC Trailers is the leading trailer manufacturer in the UK and Ireland, supplying major hire firms, supermarkets and commercial fleets (they count TIP Trailer Services and Ryder as clients). With headquarters in Northern Ireland, SDC operates three production sites in Mansfield, Sutton-In-Ashfield and Toomebridge.

SDC manufactures a vast product range, including:

  • Curtainsiders (double-deck, coilwell, machine carrier, insuliner etc.)
  • Boxvan (aluminium, GRP, urban with tail-lift etc.)
  • Platform (extendable, step frame, timber spec, coil well, 4-axle etc.)
  • Skeletal (fixed, extendable, tipping, ISO tank, gooseneck, timber etc.)
  • Machine carriers
  • Drawbar (curtain-side, platform, box van, timber, swap-body, etc.)

Established in 1978, SDC has many years of experience manufacturing high-quality HGV trailers. With advanced production facilities across multiple sites, they can provide welding, paint, assembly, and testing facilities.

They also provide aftercare services, OEM and bespoke spare trailer parts, trailer rental and used vehicles.

More information can be found on their website:

Dennison Trailers

Another famous name on the roads is Dennison Trailers. They are a trailer manufacturer with over 50 years of engineering pedigree. Founded in 1964 by brothers George and Jim Dennison in Northern Ireland, the company has grown to become a market leader in tipping trailers, skeleton trailers and machinery carriers.

With headquarters and production facilities in Lancaster and Naas, they design and build a wide range of spanning tippers, curtainsiders, trombones, low loaders, and flatbed trailers for the construction, energy, and transport sectors.

Continuous innovation has defined Dennison since the 1960s, with notable developments, including the first sliding tipper trailer in 2002. More recently, the company pioneered sliding mixer, brick and block carriers.

A little-known fact that sets Denison Trailers apart from other UK trailer manufacturers is that they once produced their own tractor units, albeit they only manufactured 250.

Their website has an excellent section on the history of the company; check it out here:


More associated with the USA, Fruehauf is a dominant force in the United Kingdom for tipper trailers.

Fruehauf can trace its origins back over a century to American trailer engineer August Fruehauf. He invented the concept of semi-trailers and set up the first manufacturing operation in 1908.

The Fruehauf company then expanded globally through much of the 20th century. After various changes in ownership, MV Commercial acquired the rights to the Fruehauf brand and range of trailers in 2016.

At this time, they relocated the operations to an impressive 64-acre site in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

With state-of-the-art facilities in the Midlands, Fruehauf manufactures a wide selection of HGV tipping trailers for waste management, construction, agriculture and bulk haulage. Notable clients include Bartrums haulage.

On their website,, they showcase three different body styles: the Bathtub aluminium bulk, smoothside stepframe bulk, and smoothside sloper semi-bulker.

As Britain’s longest-running tipping trailer brand, with over 100 years of expertise, the company is poised to continue as an industry-leading manufacturer.

Andover Trailers

Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Hampshire, Andover Trailers has grown into a specialist body and trailer manufacturer. Their in-house engineering team design custom trailers matched to their customer requirements.

They use 3D modelling, steel fabrication, robotic welding, shot blasting and advanced paint systems to create robust and durable plant bodies and trailers.

AT serves sectors like construction, utilities, and defence, with clients including Mulholland Contracts, KSS Hire, FM Conway, and Farol. Andover provides sleeper trailers, plant and machinery bodies, low loaders, drawbar trailers, and other general-purpose trailers. Innovative designs like the new TT-FLT forklift trailer demonstrate their commitment to pushing boundaries.

  • Step frames (28 – 90t)
  • Sloping decks (28 – 50t)
  • Drawbars (6 – 25t)
  • Low Loaders (28 – 150t)
  • Forklift trailers (28 – 48t)

Their website details information on products including:

They also produce low-profile plant bodies (7.5 – 32t) for use with or without cranes. They help organisations such as the military with armoured vehicles and boat transporter trailers.

From one-off bespoke trailers to volume production runs, Andover Trailers delivers engineering distinction across its diverse commercial vehicle solutions.

Who are the biggest trailer manufacturers in the UK?

Lorries with trailers parked in warehouse yard

In addition to the ones already mentioned above, we have listed the biggest and most well-known trailer producers.

Some specialise in car transporters, livestock and plant machinery trailers (e.g. Ifor Williams), while others focus on commercial trailer products.

Trailer Manufacturers UKLocationWebsite
Ifor Williams Trailers LtdWales
Brian James Trailers LtdDaventry
Montracon LtdDoncaster
Colson Trailers LtdHeanor
Lynton Trailers (UK) LtdGlossop
King TrailersMarket Harborough
Rothdean LtdCinderford
Graham Edwards TrailersYork
Hingley Transport LimitedStourbridge
TASCA TankersWakefield

Financing Commercial Lorry Trailers

With so many trailer builders, making the right selection comes down to your specific operational requirements. Whether you need livestock transportation from Ifor Williams, tankers from TASCA, or tippers from Fruehauf, you’ll still require finance to get it on the road. 

That’s where asset finance brokers like Evangate FS can help. With over 150 lenders, we can simplify the process of getting loans, leases and other financing so you can get the wheels turning.

Spend a few seconds completing the form for a free, no-obligation quote.


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