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Farm input Financing

Helping UK farmers deal with rising input costs by securing lower rates.

The high cost of inputs is nothing new for farmers. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges they face.

The cost of diesel used to run farm equipment, has gone up steeply. Whereas the availability of livestock feed and fertiliser has diminished due to ongoing disputes around the world. And with interest rates rising, farmers are facing even more cash flow issues and financial pressures.

The bottom line is that input costs are cutting into farmers’ profits – and for some, it is putting them out of business. This is a worrying problem.

Evangate FS have access to over 100 lenders who want to help farmers deal with the rising cost of farming inputs. We can help with a range of financial solutions, from loans, credit facilities, to refinancing assets in order to release funds to purchase much needed fertilizer, food and fuel.

We can even arrange facilities which factor in crop year cycles, allowing farmers to pay the following year after harvest.

Request a free farm input quote today, you might be surprised by the low payments and rates.


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Farm Inputs Fertilizer

Fertilizer is one of the most important farming inputs, as it plays a key role in crop growth and development.

Purchasing the correct type of fertiliser will depend on the crop being grown, the soil type and the climate.

Whether it is an organic fertilizer, synthetic or chemical fertiliser – they are necessary to improve the yield and quality of the crops.

So if you are looking to purchase crop protection products to boost your yields, speak to the team at Evangate FS today. 

We will get the best fertilizer input financing rates for our customers.

Farming Input Feed

Livestock farmers will struggle to survive without healthy animals. For them, feed is an essential farm input. Without feed, farmers cannot give their animals the nutrients they need to grow and produce milk, eggs, or meat.

Purchasing high quality feed is paramount.  Whether that is fresh hay, wheat, barley, maize or soybeans – it is important that it contains the right nutrients for livestock – and is affordable for farmers.

If you are looking to fatten up your cattle or sheep for the top price, or to give your poultry a balanced diet for better egg production – then we can help arrange your finance.

Our team will speak to our lenders who specialise in farm inputs to get you the lowest rates available to purchase feed.

Farm Seeds Finance

Seeds are a central agricultural input. They produce food for the growing population and provide feed for animals.

Being able to buy seed which has been bred to have a good germination rate and to resist disease is vital to maximising a crops yield, and farmers profits.

Farm seeds finance allows farmers to get the funds they need to produce their crops. In many cases, seed input financing can also cover the fees associated with shipping and handling seed.

If you would like a free no obligation seeds finance quote, complete the form below.

Farm Fuel Finance

Without doubt, the ever increasing price of fuel hits famers the hardest in their pockets. With the rules on red diesel use changing – the increased cost is hard to swallow for most.

From tractors to combine harvesters, practically every piece of farming machinery relies on some form of fossil fuel, biodiesel or gas.

Farm fuel finance is a type of bespoke financing that helps farmers to purchase the fuel they need to run their operations.

Complete the form below so one of our team can explain the options available to reduce your fuel costs.

Alternatively, if you are looking to install renewable energy sources at your farm, we can help arrange renewable energy finance too.

Credit Rating

In these tough times with rising costs, it is understandable if farmers have stretched their finances too far. Even if you have a poor credit rating, please contact us.

Other Agricultural Inputs

Not only do farmers have to worry about sourcing feed, fertilizer and fuel, there are other agriculture inputs that impact a farms operation’s cash flow.

Other inputs such as building materials, veterinary drugs, sheep dip, breeding stock, fencing material, farm machinery and agriculture equipment all need to be paid for.

Evangate FS can help arrange farm input financing for these purchases too. Get in touch to see if we can sort out a loan or look at other types of agricultural finance deals.

Input Finance Specialists

Kyle Robertson has spent the past 10 years helping customers source cheaper finance rates.

He helps businesses of all sizes across the UK to get the best finance lease or loan deal.

Kyle takes care of all the contract paperwork so his customers don’t have to.

They trust him to take the hassle out of arranging their agricultural finance.

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