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Bad Credit Business Broker

Helping businesses with bad credit arrange finance & loans

If you are looking for business finance but your bank says no because they view your bad credit history as too much risk – there are other options.

We help small businesses and large companies with bad credit ratings to arrange business loans, commercial mortgages, asset finance, invoice finance and to lease business vehicles. 

This gives those businesses access to finance they would otherwise struggle to get. And if your company needs funds quickly without all the hassle involved in dealing with high street banks and large lenders, our team are here to help.

As finance brokers specialising in bad credit businesses, we have 50 lenders who offer most types of finance to companies with adverse credit. Give us a try. Our aim is to secure the best deals and lowest rates that we can.


Helping businesses with bad credit for 10+ years

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Asset Finance

Asset finance is an effective way to acquire machinery and equipment for use in a business – especially if cash is not readably available.

This tends to be more so, when a business has bad credit ratings.

Asset finance can be tailored for individual circumstances including those businesses with adverse credit. There are also other advantages, such as tax deductions or deferred payment options. These can be a savour when cash flow is tight.

There are various asset finance options including, contract hire, hire purchase, finance leasing and asset refinancing.

Asset refinance can be particularly helpful for those business with poor credit, but who already have valuable assets.

Speak with one of our asset finance brokers today – they can explore which option is best for you.

Bad Credit Business Loans

Business loan lenders will evaluate your credit score, and you are less likely to get an unsecured loan if you have a poor rating.

That is why a secured business loan is the better option for those businesses with adverse credit ratings.

Securing a business loan against assets like property or equipment, offers lenders more security in the event that you cannot make the repayments. It also increases the chances of the loan being approved.

Lenders are also more likely to offer lower interest rates to those seeking a secured business loan with bad credit.

If you need a loan for items such as working capital, purchasing stock, buying vans, HMRC payments etc. Evangate FS have access to 50 approved lenders who specialise in loans for bad credit businesses.

We understand how difficult it can be to get affordable loans at reasonable rates if you have a less than perfect history – so call us today.


Business Cars & Vans

Having access to reliable company vehicles is often a lifeline for many businesses.

Whether that be company cars to allow sales people to meet prospects, or courier firms needing new vans or trucks to ship goods across the UK. Having affordable finance is a must.

Evangate help arrange business van finance for those with poor credit scores, business contract hire deals for cars and business truck loans.

We don’t focus on your past bad credit history, but instead, look at your future potential.

Contact us today, to see if we can help put in place a finance option to let you acquire new vehicles and save money at the same time.

Invoice Finance

When it comes to arranging finance for a company with bad credit – very few people think of using invoice finance.

Invoice finance, or debt factoring, unlocks the value in your existing (and future) client invoices. You can also receive the money in your bank account within 24 hours in some cases. 

Lenders look at your clients credit score, not your business credit score. So if your business has a poor credit rating – it is not a big factor in the decision process.

The beauty of invoice finance is that you can access up to 90% of your invoice total on an ongoing basis. This frees up cash to invest elsewhere in your business.

And if you don’t like chasing clients for payment, by using invoice factoring, the lender with collect the payments directly.

Contact us today to discuss how invoice finance can make your life easier.



Commercial Mortgages

Commercial property mortgages are sometimes considered higher risk at the best of times.

Add into the mix an adverse credit history – means finding a high street lender who will offer a business with bad credit a mortgage, becomes somewhat limited.

Evangate FS have been successful in securing commercial mortgages for those who may have a history of late invoice payments, property repossession or even bankruptcy.

Speak to us today, so we can check if there is one of our mortgage lenders who will help and can offer good mortgage rates.

Bad Credit Finance Brokers

As an adverse credit finance broker with over 20 years experience, Kyle Robertson takes delight in helping UK businesses with bad credit.

He feels that it is unjust that big lenders turn their noses up at businesses just because of a few blemishes on their credit history.

While other brokers may just push one type of finance, such as business loans, Kyle can also arrange other types including invoice finance or asset finance, which may be more cost effective for you.

His goal is to get the lowest finance rates possible for businesses with a bad credit history. That is why his customers trust him to arrange the best finance solution.

Photo of Kyle Robertson the founder of financial services broker EvangateFS



After a quick call to discuss your adverse credit history and the type of finance you want, we will start sourcing the best lender and rates.

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We understand that when you want to quickly get funds into your business, time is important.

We will have a decision in principle to you within 24 hours* of receiving the necessary documentation.



We guarantee to provide you with a personal and friendly service.

This allows us to really get to know your business and focus on developing a strong, long-term relationship with you.

Customers We Have Helped

It can sometime be a struggle to find a finance company who understands.

When all you want is to secure funds to grow your business or to keep the lights on.

Speak to us today to see what we can do to help your business if it has a bad credit history.

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