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The team at Evangate FS love delving into the world of finance to discover new interesting facts, and some historical ones too. We have shared our experiences and our findings in our blog. Please feel free to share the posts that you find interesting.

Tanker lorry trailer in the UK

Lorry Trailer Manufacturers UK

Whether you’re a large haulier adding to your fleet or a small operator wanting to start hauling goods, choosing the right lorry trailer can be ...
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Image of forestry log truck with logs

Best Forestry Machines – Heavy Equipment For Forestry Guide

Increase In Agricultural & Forest Machine Manufacturers According to recent reports, the number of UK manufacturers of agricultural and forestry equipment stands at 600 businesses ...
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HGV truck on finance

HGV Lease Deals

Getting The Best Truck and Trailer Leasing Offers Running a modern, efficient fleet is vital for competing in today’s trucking industry. But constant repairs, rising ...
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Forestry harvester on finance

Refinance Forestry Equipment To Reduce Payments

What is refinancing forestry equipment? Refinancing forestry equipment (or logging machinery) is the process of obtaining new financing for existing forestry equipment. This can be ...
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Best firewood processors

Best Firewood Processors & Features To Consider

This article explores some of the best and newest commercial firewood processors available in the UK. We investigate their unique features, what to look out ...
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Image with basis period reform words

Basis Period Reform 2023/2024

Who Is Affected By The Reform Basis period reform will align the tax reporting periods for all self-employed individuals (sole traders), limited liability partnerships (LLPs) ...
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