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If you want access to funds to buy vehicles, equipment, machinery, stock or to leverage the value in assets you already own – then asset finance could be the solution.

If you would like to get your hands on new equipment with no upfront costs and flexible repayments or you need a new car but don’t want to use expensive overdrafts or bank loans – Evangate FS can help.

We cater for both business and personal customers. We are not like high street banks or big finance companies who only deal with customers with exceptional credit ratings – we help everyone secure the best deals and lowest rates that we can.

As asset finance brokers, we have over 130 lenders who can offer asset finance for most items. Give us a try to see how we can help you.


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Asset Finance

Is one of the most commonly used methods for acquiring assets. It is a simple way to finance the asset, rather than using cash.

There is no point in tying up important working capital in depreciating assets when you can minimise the costs to your business. 

The beauty of asset finance solutions is that they can be tailored to meet individual needs and can offer advantages such as tax deductions or deferred payment options.

There are numerous asset finance options available, so speak with a broker who knows which one will be best for your particular circumstance.

At Evangate Financial Services, we secure affordable finance for different types of businesses every day.

  • Limited Companies
  • Sole Traders
  • Private Individuals
  • LLP Partnerships
  • Corporate Organisations
  • Franchises

Types of Asset Finance

Hire Purchase

HP is a great option if you want to spread the cost of buying your asset over an agreed time.

Hire purchase allows you to buy assets such as cars, plant or equipment and pay monthly instalments towards owning it.

Full ownership is transferred to you once the terms of the agreement have been met.

Finance Leasing

A finance lease is perfect if you want full use of an asset, but never want to own it outright.

It is like a rental agreement , but you pay the full price with interest over the term of the agreement.

At the end of the initial lease term, you can continue renting the asset, sell it or return it to the finance company.

Asset Refinance

Refinancing existing assets is a fantastic way to access funds quickly.

A finance company will buy assets such as equipment, machinery or vehicles from you to put cash in your pocket.

They then finance them back to you at an agreed rate and term so you can keep using them.

Operating Lease

Are a good option if you need access to assets for shorter terms.

A finance company will purchase the asset for you, then effectively rent it to you for an agreed term.

At the end of the term, you return the asset to the finance company.

Operating leases tend to be associated with assets which have residual values, such as vehicles.

Contract Hire

Is an option for business or personal use vehicles when you don’t want to own it at the end.

Sometimes referred to as vehicle leasing, contract hire is a simple way to get access to new vehicles.

You can determine the term length and annual mileage in order to calculate the monthly payments. Once the term is finished, you return the vehicle.


Personal Contract Purchase finance is ideal for personal use vehicles such as cars.

You pay a small deposit, then a series of fixed monthly payments over an agreed payment term.

At the end of the agreement, you have the option to pay a final payment (balloon payment) to buy the vehicle. Or you can return the vehicle to the finance company and start again with a new one. 

Use Asset Finance To Grow

If you want to accelerate your business growth, you should consider using one of the asset finance solutions above. You can unlock the value in your existing assets to service new clients and to win bigger projects.

If you are a new business start-up, you can take advantage of spreading the cost of purchasing new equipment or machinery over time, without the need for large upfront payments. 

It will allow you to acquire new assets through hire purchase or lease agreements which will lessen the burden on your cash flow – remember “cash is king”.

Contact us today, to see if we can help fund your growth and save you money at the same time.

Credit Rating

We can arrange finance for most UK businesses no matter their financial history. We can also look at car PCP deals for personal use.  If you have an adverse credit rating, contact us below to see how we can work with you.

Asset Finance Brokers

As an asset finance broker with over 20 years experience in providing asset finance solutions for UK businesses, Kyle Robertson loves finding the best deals for his customers. 

He has access to finance lenders across the UK and can help secure funding for equipment, stock or vehicles (for business and personal use).

If you need to release equity from existing assets to fund new purchases or simply to release short term cash – he will help.

His passion is getting the lowest asset finance rates possible for his customers – that is why they trust Kyle to take the hassle out of arranging their finance solutions.

Photo of Kyle Robertson the founder of financial services broker EvangateFS



After a quick call to gather some information about the type of finance you are looking for, we’ll start sourcing the best deal for you.

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This allows us to really get to know your business and focus on developing a strong, long-term relationship with you.

Delighted Customers We Have Helped

We can offer asset finance services to help you grow your business or to buy a car.

Many of our customers take advantage of buying high-value items without breaking the bank. They use the item as security for the loan and lever the residual value of the item to help fund depreciation and interest. 

Speak to us today to see how you can benefit from our asset finance services.

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