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Renewable Energy Finance

Helping UK businesses invest in renewable energy projects.

Energy bills are going through the roof, the government is pushing for less reliance on fossil fuels and local authorities are driving net zero carbon emissions.

It is no wonder businesses are looking for the renewable energy sector to reduce their outgoings and improve their carbon footprint.

Businesses are already investing in renewable energy technologies to generate a new income stream by selling excess electricity back into the grid.

If you are interested in saving money on energy and are looking for financing for renewable energy projects, please speak to the team at Evangate FS.

We have access to a host of approved lenders specialising in green energy finance for wind turbines, biomass boilers, air source heat pumps, biogas, solar panels, battery energy storage and hydropower systems.

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Wind Turbine Finance

Wind turbines can start producing electricity relatively quickly for their owners. And they have a small physical footprint on the land.

This makes wind turbines an excellent choice for those businesses in remote areas or for farmers who want to continue to farm the land underneath the blades.

If you want to take advantage of wind power to reduce your reliance on the national grid and high electricity prices, speak to Evangate Financial Services.

We will get the best finance rates from our lenders who specialise in wind power assets.

Solar Panel Finance

Companies can take advantage of the ever-lasting energy that solar panels can harness. As long as the sun is in the sky, clean energy can be produced.

Commercial solar panels can provide considerable benefits in terms of reducing energy bills and by generating revenue from feeding excess electricity back into the grid.

As well as solar PV panels for electrical energy, solar thermal (heat) panels can be installed to produce hot water for on-site use.

Evangate FS can arrange financing options such as hire purchase and business loans.

Hydropower Energy Efficiency

Hydropower is one of the cleanest renewable energy sources that exist. Once installed, it has low operating costs and will produce electricity for many years.

Available in power scales from 5kW to megawatts, electricity is on tap wherever a suitable water flow exists.

Unaffected by rising fuel prices, hydropower is a clean and safe energy source for business use.

Contact Evangate FS to allow us to explain the various UK renewable energy finance funding options available.

Battery Energy Storage Systems

Battery storage is essential for those times when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining. Battery energy is the key to supplying electricity when it’s needed most.

Capturing and storing excess energy is critical to the efficiency of renewable sources. One benefit of these battery storage systems, is that they can be scaled up to add additional capacity at a later date.

Another benefit is that they can store energy bought at lower cost “off-peak” times. This can then be released at peak times of higher demand – saving significant costs.

Contact us today if you want to arrange finance, such as a business loan, hire purchase, or an operating lease.

Credit Rating

We can provide financing to most businesses even if they have a poor business credit rating, speak to us to see how we can help.

Biomass Boiler Finance

Replacing old gas, oil or electric boilers with a biomass boiler is not only good for climate change, it is also good for your pocket.

Biomass fuel is often cheaper than other solid fuels or oil alternatives. Given that oil & gas prices are at an all time high, investing in an efficient biomass boiler may be wise.

To help with the initial investment and installation costs, our UK-based brokers will explore the best renewables funding deals on offer from our lenders.

Anaerobic Digestion Biogas

Turning organic materials such as food waste, animal manure and biosolids into biogas can generate substantial financial & environmental benefits.

Companies (and farmers) who install these biogas renewable energy systems can use combined heat and power units to produce hot water and electricity for on-site use.

Anaerobic digestion (AD) plants are also carbon neutral. This helps businesses pass stricter carbon footprint audits in order to meet government targets and access available funding.

If you are looking for finance for an AD plant system, please speak to our team.

Renewables Finance Specialists

Kyle Robertson has spent the past ten years helping customers adopt renewable energy into their businesses.

He helps companies of all sizes across all industries, from farmers, property developers to arborists and many other sectors.

He aims to find the best finance lease or loan deal to suit his customer’s business needs. Kyle takes care of all the paperwork for the finance agreement so his customers don’t have to.

That is why they trust him to take the hassle out of arranging their asset finance.

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