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top 10 commercial stump grinder brands

Top 10 Stump Grinder Brands

Whether you’re a tree services professional tackling large commercial removal jobs or a homeowner looking to remove a troublesome stump, choosing the right stump grinder brand is essential. With demand on the rise in the UK, many excellent options exist across a range of sizes and capabilities.

This article covers 10 of the top stump grinder manufacturers currently serving the UK market. Ranging from global industry heavyweights to small innovative manufacturers – each brings a long history of expertise and a dedication to engineering cutting-edge cutters.

Factors like power, manoeuvrability, features and overall build quality vary considerably between brands. Understanding the unique strengths of major players like Predator, Rayco, and Vermeer allows choosing the ideal machine for any stump removal task. 

We take an in-depth look at these prominent stump grinder brands, exploring machine specs, capabilities, and each company’s history as shown by their diverse stump grinder line-ups. Whether an occasional home project or daily professional use, there’s sure to be a top option for any need.

Vermeer Stump Grinders

Vermeer Corporation was founded in 1948 in Pella, Iowa by brothers Gerald and Elmer Vermeer. In their workshop, they began designing agricultural machinery such as hay balers.

During the 1960s, Vermeer recognized the growing tree care industry presented opportunities. Contractors required effective methods for removing tree stumps from sites. In response, Vermeer introduced their initial line of stump grinding equipment. 

Early models could integrate with tractors or skid steer loaders, accommodating varied customer needs based on application. Through the 1970s-1980s, Vermeer iteratively refined the product line. Improvements encompassed enhanced power transmission systems, operator interface improvements, and safety mechanisms like retractable handles.

Notable was the large-scale tracked models released in the 1990s. Specifically tailored for demanding projects, these expanded the company’s capabilities. Around this same period, remote control units augmented operator accessibility.

Now international with locations worldwide, Vermeer has advanced tree care technology for over 70 years. Through consistent innovation, the company has established a reputation for reliably productive solutions trusted by forestry professionals

To see the latest range of Vermeer stump grinders (including tracked grinders), visit their site here

Vermeer Stump Grinder Model Overview

Model TypeFeatures and Description
SC292Self PropelledSelf-propelled model with 26.5hp engine, fits in tight spaces, Vermeer Yellow JacketTM cutter system, operator safety features including auto sweep. Features a hydraulic ground drive system.
SC362Compact design with a focus on ease of use, auto sweep function, minimizes ground disturbance, and works well in small areas. Modified operator presence handle design is now manufactured with a harder exterior to improve wear and appearance.
SC382Made for tough stumps, equipped with 37 hp (26.1 kW) EFI Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine, optimised cutting wheel, standard 4WD and optional front blade. Equipped with a 37 hp (26.1 kW) EFI Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine and optimised cutting wheel.
SC30TXDeveloped for contractors, a compact high-hp model with 35-hp (26.1 kW) Vanguard engine, hydraulic drive, belt cutter head, ideal with brush chipper/mini skid steer. Equipped with a 35-hp (26.1 kW) Vanguard engine and hydraulic ground drive/belt-driven cutter head.
SC552Compact design with a focus on ease of use, auto sweep function, minimizes ground disturbance and works well in small areas. Modified operator presence handle design is now manufactured with a harder exterior to improve wear and appearance.
SC70TXTrack MountedModel suitable for commercial and residential use, designed to decrease ground disturbance with track system, includes safety features. Equipped with safety features such as the patented capacitance-sensing operator presence system and wheel brake.
SC48TXFeatures a 48hp diesel engine with direct drive system, narrow footprint for tight access, can add remote control option.

Predator Stump Grinders

Back in the early 2000s, Predator was established by a team of entrepreneurs seeking to bring innovative solutions to the stump grinding industry. With years of experience working in forestry and arboriculture, the team saw areas where the equipment design could be improved for operators.

One of Predator’s first big hits was introducing their highly usable walk-behind grinder in the mid-2000s. Focusing on operator ergonomics and low-vibration handling, it made stump work more comfortable.

Through the late 2000s, Predator expanded their line with self-propelled machines and hydrostatic drive systems for maximum efficiency. Customers appreciated the versatility and power these new models delivered on tough job sites.

A major milestone was launching their track carrier systems in the early 2010s. They made light work of even the roughest terrain.

Now in a new manufacturing facility, Predator continues innovating with the times. Features like radio control bring even greater productivity. Over the past two decades, Predator has grown from a startup to an internationally recognised brand for professional-grade stump-cutting equipment.

Predator offers both self-propelled and towable models, designed for both commercial and residential use, here are their latest models available:

ModelTypeFeatures and Description
Terminator – 880,881AttachmentChainsaw attachment. Available with 500i-661 or 880-881 engines. Weight ranges from 24.6-32.5kg depending on the inclusion of leg and guard. Can remove a 10-inch diameter stump in approximately 10 minutes.
Terminator – 500i, 661AttachmentPowered by an 11.7hp Honda GX390 engine. Dimensions listed. Weighs 320lb. Has a 9″ cutting depth/height and 32″ swing. Uses a 14″ four-tip cutter wheel. Pull start. Low operator fatigue.
Predator 360PedestrianPowered by an 11.7hp Honda GX390 engine. Dimensions listed. Weighs 320lb. Has a 9″ cutting depth/height and 32″ swing. Uses a 14″ four-tip cutter wheel. Pull start. Low operator fatigue.
Predator 460 HybridSelf PropelledPowered by a 23/25hp engine. Dimensions and weight listed. Has 15″ cutting depth and 24″ cutting height. Travel speed of 4kph. Uses an 18.5″ six-tip cutter wheel. Electric start. Self-propelled for maximum mobility.
Predator 38XManualPowered by a 38hp petrol engine. Dimensions and weight listed. Has 18″ cutting depth and 30″ cutting height. 54″ swing. Uses a 19″ six-tip cutter wheel. Electric start. Wide 26″-39″ cutting range for versatility.
Predator 38RXRadio ControlSame specs as 38X but is equipped with radio control. Radio remote control for improved safety.
Predator 56RXTrack MountedPowered by a 56hp Kohler diesel. Uses a 22″ eight-tip cutter wheel. Electric start. Track drive for stability. 25″ depth with an optional dozer. For large commercial sites.

For more details on the Predator range of stump cutters, visit their website

Bandit Stump Grinders

Bandit Industries was founded back in 1983 in Remus, Michigan by Jerry and Jim Morey. Starting out, they produced hydraulic log splitter attachments for skid steers.

It wasn’t long before the brothers realized tree care contractors needed better machines for clearing wood debris. In the late 1980s, Bandit released their first stump grinder – helping to kickstart a whole new phase in the company’s evolution.

Through the 90s, they refined their models with improved cutter wheels, more powerful engines and superior hydraulics. Forestry workers took note of Bandit’s reputation for rugged builds.

A key development was introducing self-propelled carriers in the early 2000s. This gave operators unmatched control while chewing through stumps at a rapid pace.

As the years passed, Bandit expanded their lineup with larger towable options for high-volume use. Features like track configurations further enhanced their ability to grind in any terrain.

Bandit has clearly established itself as a leader in the stump grinding industry. Constant innovation keeps their equipment at the cutting edge, from advanced electronics to enhanced safety systems.

ModelTypeFeatures and Description
SG-40Rubber Tire, TrackCompact with 38hp Kohler petrol engine, 18″ cutterwheel, 47″ swing. Choice of rubber tire or track.
2550Rubber Tire, TrackMid-sized with 50hp Kohler petrol or diesel engine, 18″ cutterwheel. Choice of rubber tire or track, variety of control options.
2650Rubber Tire, TrackHigh production with 74hp Kohler diesel engine, 18″ cutterwheel, 35″ width. Choice of rubber tire or track, optional radio remote.
SG-75Track MountedTrack mounted with 80″ swing. Tracks adjustable from 35-54″. Powered by 74hp Kohler diesel engine.
2890Rubber TireLarge unit with 120hp Caterpillar diesel or 165hp PSI petrol engines, 75″ cutter swing. Optional radio remote.
2900Track MountedTrack model with radio remote control. Adjustable 35-54″ tracks. Powered by 165hp PSI petrol engine.
3100TowableHigh production towable with 74hp Kohler or 120hp Caterpillar diesel, 165hp PSI petrol. 80″ cutter swing, telescoping tongue.

To get more information on each of the available Bandit stump grinders, visit

Bandit has grown tremendously yet remains dedicated to their roots (no pun intended). With pioneering innovation and unmatched build quality, they’ll continue clearing tree stumps for arborist professionals worldwide.

FSI Stump Grinders (Forestry Services & Innovations)

FSI’s story began back in 1969 when Frank Steen Iversen started making farming machines to help with tasks like soil preparation.

In the 1980s, FSI branched out from their agricultural roots. The number of tree stumps were increasing from land clearing projects and locals needed a better way to remove them. That’s when FSI started developing their first stump grinders. These early models were designed to be operated from excavators and wheel loaders.

Word of FSI’s tough machines spread rapidly in the 1990s. Before long they were offering a whole roster of stump cutters – from self-propelled trucks to tractors and hydraulic grinders.

Safety was a big priority as the grinders got more powerful too. By the 2000s, FSI introduced remote controls so operators could cut stumps from a safer distance.

Fast forward to today – FSI is now run by the third generation of the Iversen family. They’ve refined their designs with innovations like stronger drives, better manoeuvrability and advanced safety brakes.

They’ve built a solid reputation amongst landscapers and arborists for reliability and heavy duty build quality. FSI continues moving forward by expanding their offerings and dealer network worldwide. With over 50 years of experience, you will find many forestry workers have operated an FSI stump grinder at one point in time.

For more information visit

FSI Stump Cutter Engine Driven Models


ModelTypeFeatures and Description
FSI B21Compact petrol-poweredFeatures include a cutting width of 87cm, max cutting depth of 24cm, 11-14hp engine, manual wheel brakes and central centrifugal clutch. Designed for homeowners.
FSI B22Larger petrol-powered Features include a cutting width of 90cm, max cutting depth of 24cm, 14hp engine, individual wheel motors for 2WD, electromagnetic clutch and electrical start.
FSI B28Mid-sized petrol-poweredFeatures include a cutting width of 135cm, max cutting depth of 48cm, 26.5hp engine, hydraulic 2WD, mechanical differential lock and 90-degree swivel control panel.
FSI B31Track-mounted petrolFeatures include a 120cm cutting width, max depth of 36cm, 26.5hp engine, and comes with counter-rotating tracks for stability and manoeuvrability.
FSI B38Large petrol-poweredCuts to a width of 170cm and depth of 57cm, powered by a 38hp engine with hydraulic clutch and FSI’s intelligent sweep controller. Optional 4WD or tracks.
FSI D30Mid-sized diesel-poweredCuts to 135cm width and 52cm depth with a 25hp diesel engine, hydraulic clutch and optional power sweep controller. Available with or without tracks.
FSI D60Large diesel-poweredCuts to 170cm width and 68cm depth with a 60hp diesel, hydraulic clutch, sweep controller and optional remote control via Scanreco system.
FSI D74Extra large diesel-poweredCuts to 200cm width and 123cm depth with a powerful 74hp diesel, hydraulic clutch, sweep controller and remote control. Optional tracks.

FSI Stump Cutter Hydraulic Models


ModelTypeFeatures and Description
FSI H20Basic hydraulic model requiring attachment, for 30-50 l/min, includes hoses.
FSI H20SModel with integrated sweep function up to 94cm, for 30-50 l/min, includes hoses.
FSI H40Larger hydraulic model for 50-75 l/min, includes hoses and requires attachment.
FSI H40S 50-75Model with integrated 118cm sweep, for 50-75 l/min, includes control options and hoses.
FSI H40S 80-110Version of H40S for 80-110 l/min flow.
FSI H52Hydraulic model for 80-110 l/min with larger 580mm cutter.
FSI H65 100-130Extra large model for 100-130 l/min with chip guard.
FSI H65 135-160Version of H65 for 135-160 l/min flow.
FSI H65 165-200Model supporting highest 165-200 l/min flow.

FSI Stump Cutter Tractor Models


ModelTypeFeatures and Description
FSI T25Tractor PTOPTO model with 108cm sweep, T-gear/V-belt drive, hydraulic joystick control, tool set.
FSI T27Tractor PTOLarger PTO model with adjustable 140-175cm sweep, electro-hydraulic joystick, adjustable legs, tool set.
FSI T65Tractor PTOExtra large PTO model with 140-220cm sweep, T-gear/V-belt drive, hydraulic functions, adjustable chip guard, legs, tool set.

J.P. Carlton Stump Grinders

J.P. Carlton is based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA, and they have a strong presence in many parts of the world, including the United Kingdom.

They are a leading global manufacturer in the arboriculture industry and have been known for their durable and reliable equipment, from stump cutters to wood chippers, serving a variety of professionals such as arborists, landscape contractors, and tree care professionals.

J.P. Carlton offers a variety of stump grinders, including self-propelled, tow-behind, and tracked/remote-controlled models.

Here are some of their most popular and recent models:

ModelTypeFeatures and Description
SP5014 SeriesSelf PropelledA four-wheeled self-propelled unit featuring a 1 1/4-inch thick, 21-inch diameter cutting wheel for fast and smooth grinding.
SP6016 SeriesSelf PropelledSimilar to the SP5014 Series, this model has a 1 1/4-inch thick, 21-inch diameter cutting wheel.
SP7015 SeriesSelf PropelledThis model offers a large 70-inch cutting arc with the ability to extend below ground 15 inches and above ground height up to 43 inches.
7500 SeriesTow-BehindEquipped with a 74HP Kubota four-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine and a massive 31-inch cutter wheel, 1 1/2-inches thick, holding 76 teeth.
SP5014 NTX SeriesTrack MountedThis model uses a rubber track system featuring multiple idler rollers and spring tensioning and comes standard with wireless remote control.
SP6016 TRX SeriesTrack MountedSimilar to the SP5014 NTX, this model employs a rubber track system with multiple idler rollers, spring tensioning, and standard wireless remote control.
SP7015 TRX SeriesTrack MountedFeatures a track system that hydraulically retracts from 48 inches to 35 inches, allowing for easier manoeuvring in tight spaces.
SP8018 TRX SeriesTrack MountedThis model offers high power with a wireless remote control, four speed ground drive capabilities, and traction control.
Hurricane RS SeriesTrack MountedThe Hurricane TRX combines cutting power, flexibility, and proprietary design features, making it suitable for high-volume residential and light clearing applications.
Hurricane TRX SeriesTrack MountedThe Hurricane TRX combines cutting power, flexibility, and proprietary design features, making it suitable for high volume residential and light clearing applications.

More information on their products can be found here

Rayco Stump Grinders

The origins of Rayco date back to 1959 when founders Ray and Frank established the company in Ohio. They initially focused on building agricultural balers and related machinery, they soon recognized the growing need for specialized tree care equipment.

By the late 1970s, after evaluating common stump removal methods, Rayco engineers believed they could develop a better solution. Their first prototype stump grinder, the RG145, would go on to help define the emerging industry.

Rayco commercialized the RG145 in the early 1970s. Word spread rapidly amongst contractors and foresters about the advantages over manual techniques. Continuous upgrades followed to cutter components and engine options, dramatically increasing productivity.

Self-propelled models debuted in the 1990s, revolutionizing stump grinding by stopping operators from lugging heavy non-motorized units between work areas.

Features like hydraulics, remote controls, and track systems expanded the range of accessible terrains and stump diameters their grinders were able to handle.

Now headquartered in Ohio under Morbark ownership, Rayco remains dedicated to manufacturing equipment to assist forestry workers. Modern Caterpillar, Cummins, and Vanguard powerplants coupled with proprietary grinding technologies deliver cutting-edge performance.

The following table provides an overview of the current Rayco stump grinders available to the marketplace:

ModelTypeFeatures and Description
SP5014 SeriesPowered by 13hp Honda engine. Weight 262lbs, cuts 13″ deep, 22″ height, 11″ cutter wheel. Manual push, adjustable handlebar.
RG165T-RTracks, 165hp Ford gasoline engine, wide backfill blade, radio remote control. Weight 5,600lbs, cuts to 28″ depth/height, 72.5″ width. Optional TR100L custom trailer.
RG80-R85hp Ford engine, hydrostatic drive, remote control, backfill blade. Weight 3,230lbs, cuts 21″ deep, 20″ height, 65″ width. Optional trailer available. Features like “Creep Mode” and “Command Cut”.|
RG74T-RPowered by 74hp Cummins diesel engine. Weight 5,281lbs, cuts to 27″ depth, 31.5″ height, 79.5″ width. Rubber tracks, hydraulic blade, radio remote control. Rubber track undercarriage that retracts to fit through 36″ gates.
RG55Powered by 53.4hp Kubota engine. Weight 2,760lbs, cuts 14″ deep, 24.5″ height, 60″ width. Hydraulic backfill blade, dual rear wheels, swing out controls. Optional wireless remote.
RG55T-RPowered by 53.4hp Kubota engine. Weight 3,360lbs, cuts 14″ deep, 24.5″ height, 60″ width. Rubber tracks expand to 50″. Hydraulic backfill blade, swing out control. Remote control. Non-marking rubber tracks that expand to 50″.
RG37T Trac JrTrack MountedPowered by 37hp Vanguard engine. Weight 1,850lbs, cuts 17.5″ deep, 24.5″ height, 51″ width. Rubber tracks, hydraulic backfill blade, swing out controls. Rubber track undercarriage.
RG37 Super JrPowered by 27hp or 37hp Vanguard engine. Weight 1,830lbs, cuts 12″ deep, 24.5″ height, 51″ width. Swing out controls. Optional 4WD, dual wheels.
RG27 Super JrPowered by 27hp Vanguard engine. Weight 1,770lbs, cuts 12″ deep, 24.5″ height, 51″ width. Swing out controls, optional dual wheels.
RG25HDSelf PropelledPowered by 23hp Kohler engine. Weight 583lbs, cuts 22″ deep, 24″ height, 14″ cutter wheel. Self-propelled, adjustable handle, electromagnetic clutch. Large tires roll over chip piles easier than low-profile tires. Electromagnetic clutch.

For more information on any of the Rayco stump grinders, please visit

Jo Beau Stump Grinders

Jo Beau Stump Grinders traces its origins back to the late 1980s in Belgium. At the time, founders Jean Beauchard and his colleagues realised multiple inefficiencies in traditional stump removal techniques used by arborists and forestry operations.

Initial stump cutting prototypes showcased in the early 1990s showcased new engine configurations, cutter mechanisms, and ergonomic grinder controls. Feedback from end users informed them about the need for further refinement. By mid-decade, Jo Beau’s first commercial stump grinder models were released to market. Customers appreciated the product(s) capabilities while maintaining ease of use.

Continued focus on research and development helped Jo Beau’s market penetration in subsequent years. Self-propelled walk-behind models incorporating new hydraulic technologies debuted in the 2000s, eradicating the manual man-handling of heavyweight machines.

Company expansion accelerated post-2000, with expanded facilities and production supporting a broader model range. The introduction of remote-operated and track-driven configurations further improved functionality across challenging terrain.

The present day sees Jo Beau operating from its headquarters in Bruges, Belgium as a prominent global stump grinding manufacturer. Product lines span compact handheld units to industrial-scale towable grinders.

The full range of Jo Beau stump grinders can be found here:

ModelTypeFeatures and Description
SP5014 SeriesManualManual control. Honda GX390 1-cylinder 4-stroke 13hp engine. Max width 900mm. Cutting depth 350-400mm. Grinding height 350-400mm. Weight 151kg. Dimensions 2100x770x1200mm. 420mm diameter grind wheel. Greenteeth 700 8-tooth wheel.
B24-100Semi automaticSemi automatic control. Honda GX690 2-cylinder 24hp engine. Max width 1000mm. Cutting depth 450mm. Grinding height 350mm. Weight 330kg. Dimensions 2340x640x1050mm. 420mm diameter grind wheel. Greenteeth 700 8-tooth wheel. Hydraulic drive 0-3kph.
B31-110Fully automaticFull automatic control. B&S Vanguard 31hp 2-cylinder petrol engine. Max width 1100mm. Cutting depth 500mm. Grinding height 500mm. Weight 610kg. Dimensions 1900x740x1500mm. 440mm diameter grind wheel. Greenteeth 700 12-tooth wheel. Hydraulic drive 0-1.5kph.
B37-110Fully automaticFull automatic control. B&S Vanguard 37hp (EFI) 2-cylinder petrol engine. Max width 1100mm. Cutting depth 500mm. Grinding height 500mm. Weight 610kg. Dimensions 1900x740x1500mm. 460mm diameter GrinDisc grind wheel. Greenteeth 900 12-tooth wheel. Hydraulically lowers grinding disc 2.5cm left and right.
B37-110 RCRemote controlFull automatic control. B&S Vanguard 37hp (EFI) 2-cylinder petrol engine. Max width 1100mm. Cutting depth 500mm. Grinding height 500mm. Weight 610kg. Dimensions 1370x740x1500mm. 460mm diameter GrinDisc grind wheel. Greenteeth 900 12-tooth wheel. Hydraulic drive 0-1.5kph. Includes wireless radio remote control.

Other Stump Cutter Brands

The following brands are also respected names in the specialist stump grinder market.

Hyundai Stump Grinders

Crytec Stump Grinders

Dosko Stump Grinders

Arranging Stump Grinder Finance

For landscape and tree care businesses, financing can help turn the desire to own top-quality commercial stump grinding equipment into reality. While an outright purchase may not be feasible, finance brokers such as Evangate FS understand this necessity and will work with our lenders to arrange flexible payment plans for you.

Whether considering a self-propelled carrier, a go anywhere tracked cutter, or a compact walk-behind unit, we can handle financing for all major stump grinder brands.

Rather than delay equipment upgrades essential for running and growing your operation, finance removes barriers to acquiring the right machine, with approvals often happening within days.

For hardworking businesses, the benefits of stump grinder finance are clear. Take the first step towards greater productivity and higher profits.

After completing our simple quote form on our forestry finance broker page stating your needs, we’ll start investigating the best finance options, rates and terms.


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