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Best firewood processors

Best Firewood Processors & Features To Consider

This article explores some of the best and newest commercial firewood processors available in the UK. We investigate their unique features, what to look out for and how to finance a new processor – this can be a game-changer for businesses large and small.

But first, let’s cover some of the different types of firewood processors (aka log processors).

Different Types Of Firewood Processors

Firewood processors are an essential piece of equipment for anyone supplying or using firewood. In the UK, three main types of firewood processors are available – hydraulic splitter processors, chainsaw processor combos, and conveyor belt processors.

Japa firewood conveyor bet processor

1. Hydraulic Splitter Processors

Hydraulic splitter processors use a hydraulic-powered wedge to split logs. Logs are loaded onto a cradle, which positions them to be split by the wedge.

This type of processor is suited for smaller-scale firewood production as they have a slower output rate but take up less space.

Popular hydraulic splitter processor models in the UK include those from manufacturers like Split-Fire, Carroll Engineering and Posch.

2. Chainsaw Log Processor

Chainsaw processor combos couple a chainsaw cutting element with a splitting element. Logs are cut to length by the chainsaw bar before being conveyed to the splitting section.

The rapid chainsaw cutting combined with mechanised splitting makes these types of firewood processors efficient for medium-scale production. Some top-selling chainsaw processor models in Britain are the UNIFOREST, Farmi and Japa.

3. Conveyor Belt Processors

Conveyor belt processors are a heavy-duty option designed for high-volume firewood businesses. Whole logs go in one end, and precisely cut and split firewood emerges from the other.

Conveyor belts transfer the wood between heavy-duty cutting blades and splitting components, which can handle hundreds of logs per hour. Leading conveyor belt firewood processor brands in the UK include Palax, Hakki Pilke and Posch.

There is a fourth type of log processor, and that is the type which fits onto skid steers or as excavator attachments. These tend to be less common as they are not really used for mass-scale firewood processing.

Understanding each type of processor’s capabilities allows firewood suppliers to select the suitable model to suit their needs, whether operating as a small business or full-time trade supplier.  

The following section lists some things to consider when selecting a log processor.

What To Look For When Buying a Firewood Processor

Choosing the right processor can make the difference between keeping it for years (and making money) and having to upgrade it only after a year or two, especially if you want to grow a business.

We investigated the most common discussions around log processing machines on the forum to uncover what users felt were important.


Efficiency is a top priority when selecting a firewood processor. More efficient models cut and split wood faster and with less waste.

Look for features like durable hydraulic splitting cylinders, high torque cutting blades and automated log handling. These translate into greater productivity. The processing rate will be listed in cords per hour or tonnage per hour. Compare ratings to find the most efficient machine for your budget.


Portability is important for small-scale producers without large wood yards. Firewood processors range from trailer models to heavy stationary splitters. Consider your work area and need for mobility.

Trailer mounted processors can be hitched to trucks for transportation between sites. Skid, hitch or wheel mounted splitters offer different degrees of portability. Also, check the machine’s weight and dimensions -lighter, more compact processors are easier to reposition.

Log Size/Capacity

Log capacity determines how much raw material the processor can handle. Entry level machines process logs around 20 inches long by 14 inches in diameter. Heavy-duty splitters can take logs over 40 inches long and 24 inches across. Overestimating capacity increases costs. Underestimating will slow production if logs require recutting.

Output Capacity

Output capacity measures finished firewood volume. Depending on settings, bigger machines can produce between 2 and over ten cords per hour. The machine’s output must be such that it fulfils sales orders without bottlenecking. Too little capacity limits growth. Too much risks underutilised equipment.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle refers to the amount of work a firewood processor can handle within a given timeframe before needing to cool down. If you plan to use the processor for long hours of continuous production, you’ll want one with a 100% duty cycle rating. A 50% rating could suffice if it is more occasional use.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use saves time when processing firewood daily. Good processors are simple to operate via manual joystick levers or touchscreen controls. Safety features, easy maintenance and responsive support also improve user experience. Ergonomic designs make prolonged use more comfortable for the operator.

Firewood Processing Machines

Get ready to say goodbye to backbreaking firewood processing because new commercial firewood processor machines are on the UK market. These cutting-edge machines are designed to change the way you process firewood, saving you time, effort, and money.

As demand for processed firewood grows, these new commercial processors offer a glimpse into the latest wood processing technology.

Posch S-375 Processor

Posch S-375

The Posch S-375 circular saw processor is an efficient and versatile solution for medium-scale firewood producers looking to increase their output. Powered by either a PTO or 400v 32Amp electric motor, this joystick-controlled machine can cut logs up to 37cm in diameter and 50cm in length.

An industrial-strength 90cm tungsten tipped saw blade makes swift work of the toughest logs. A hydraulic infeed system then automatically transports the cut timber to a 12-tonne capacity horizontal splitter for processing into uniform firewood billets ready for sale.

What makes the S-375 stand out is its integrated features to boost production. A half-stroke system delivers faster splitting cycles on shorter logs. The removable splitting knife allows easy switching to “cut only” mode for producing kindling rounds. And additional conveyors, log tables and bundlers can all be hydraulically integrated to build a complete start-to-finish processing line.

Posch S-375 Overview:

  • Mid-sized circular saw firewood processor
  • Cuts logs up to 37cm in diameter
  • 50cm maximum log length
  • 12-tonne horizontal log splitting force
  • Powered by tractor PTO or 400v 32Amp electric motor
  • Controlled by joystick


  • 90cm tungsten tipped circular saw blade
  • Hydraulic log infeed conveyor
  • Upper conveyor for loading finished firewood
  • Removeable splitting knife for cut-only production
  • External hydraulic ports for integrating additional machinery


  • Cuts and splits timber into firewood
  • Adjustable finished log lengths up to 50cm
  • Half-stroke splitting mode for faster production
  • Set to cut-only rounds for kindling production

Titan 40/20 Premium Log Processor

Titan 40/20 Premium

For serious firewood businesses looking to increase their output, the Titan 40/20 Premium by Uniforest is a heavy-duty production machine worth considering. With its 40cm maximum cut capacity and powerful 20-tonne splitter, this PTO or electric motor-driven processor can efficiently churn through high volumes of timber.

At the heart of the 40/20 lies its tungsten carbide-tipped circular saw. The 1000mm diameter blade makes light work of large diameter logs thanks to tailored tooth geometry and hydraulic speed control. Once cut, an integrated log gripper automatically transfers the timber to the adjustable hydraulic splitter for processing into precisely cut and split firewood ready for bagging and sale.

Designed for demanding conditions, the 40/20 requires no lubrication, while its mechanical/hydraulic control system facilitates simple operation and maintenance. Integrated gauges and sensors protect the components and indicate service needs. Popular optional accessories further boost productivity, like the hydraulic log loading table for safer handling of 4 meter long trunks.

With renowned build quality and reliability from Uniforest, the Titan 40/20 Premium firewood processor would be a good investment for production-focused processors and forestry contractors.

Titan 40/20 Overview:

  • Heavy-duty firewood processor with 40cm max cut diameter
  • 20-tonne hydraulic splitting force
  • Powered by PTO, electric motor or both (requires 35-45HP tractor for PTO)
  • Tungsten carbide tipped 1000mm circular saw blade


  • Cuts logs up to 40cm in diameter
  • WIDIA circular saw requires no lubrication
  • Telescoping hydraulic log loading table available


  • 20-tonne splitting force
  • Adjustable 2-way, 3-way or 4-way splitting
  • Automatic log transfer to splitter
  • Hydraulic speed and pressure controls


  • Fully galvanised construction
  • 1100L hydraulic tank capacity
  • Dimensions: 3.12m x 1.97m x 2.7m
  • Weight: 1650kg to 2000kg range

This heavy-duty processor is capable of high volumes with automated cutting and splitting.

Krpan CS 4218 Pro Firewood Processor

Krpan CS4218 Pro

For medium to large-scale firewood producers, the Krpan CS 4218 Pro warrants consideration. This PTO-driven processor can efficiently churn through logs up to 42cm in diameter thanks to its Husqvarna chainsaw cutter. Adjustable wedge splitters then divide the timber into equal segments with up to 18 tonnes of force.

Controlled entirely by a joystick, the operator can adjust cut lengths from 20-50cm to suit specific orders. A swinging discharge conveyor neatly stacks or loads the finished firewood pieces. At over 50 cubic meters per hour output, the CS 4218 certainly delivers productivity.

Designed and built in Slovenia, Krpan has integrated clever features that facilitate continuous use. These include large oil reservoirs, tool-free maintenance access and components sized to handle daily heavy workloads. Popular options like 6/8-way splitters, electric motor drives and log loading tables enable even greater capabilities.

Krpan CS 4218 Pro Overview:

  • Chainsaw style firewood processor
  • 42cm max cut diameter
  • 50cm max log length
  • 18-tonne splitting force
  • Joystick control
  • PTO or electric motor drive options


  • 4-way wedge splitter (adjustable to 6/8/12-way)
  • 18-tonne splitting force


  • Standard PTO drive
  • Optional dedicated power pack with 400v electric motor


  • 1420 x 7600 x 3900mm (working)
  • 1570kg weight


  • 100 litre hydraulic oil tank
  • 50+ cubic metre/hour output


  • Swinging discharge conveyor (5m)
  • Continuous speed control
  • Tool-free maintenance access

Japa 435 Firewood Processor

Japa 435

For high-volume firewood processing, the Japa 435 packs serious power. This electric, PTO, or hybrid-powered model can rip through logs up to 43cm in diameter using its rugged 20-inch chainsaw cutter. An innovative Perfect Split system then divides the rounds into accurately sized segments ideal for packaging and sales.

Designed for professional operators, the entire process is joystick controlled. Patented innovations like the variable wedge 5-18cm splitter and Perfect Clean vibratory debris removal take the effort out of achieving wood-grade specifications and cleanliness requirements. Continuous monitoring and automated functions optimise performance to suit wood conditions, outputting a consistent end-product every time.

If your business handles large timber volumes or needs to improve process efficiency, the Japa 435 warrants a close look. Options like log handling trailers and custom splitting wedges enable a complete start-to-finish firewood solution tailored to your production environment. And Japa’s reputation for quality manufacturing ensures years of reliable service even under heavy workloads.

Japa 435 Overview:

  • Electric, PTO or hybrid-powered
  • Processes logs up to 43cm diameter
  • 25-55cm adjustable log lengths
  • 20″ chainsaw cutter with auto chain tensioning
  • 5-18cm adjustable log splitter
  • Perfect Split and Perfect Clean patented systems


  • 20″ hydraulic chainsaw cutter
  • Automatic saw chain tensioning (option)
  • 3 litre chain lubrication capacity


  • Up to 18cm variable splitter
  • Automatic speed control valve
  • Vibratory cleaning system removes debris


  • Smart control system with sensors
  • Touchscreen performance analytics (option)
  • Joystick operation


  • 435 TR – Tractor PTO powered
  • 435 E – 15kW electric motor
  • 435 TRE – Hybrid PTO + electric

Benefits of Investing in Quality Firewood Processors

Investing in the productivity and efficiency gains from a purpose-built commercial firewood processor pays dividends across the board for small and large processor businesses.

The Evangate FS team have looked at the main reasons to invest in new firewood processing equipment.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

  • Compared to older manual cutting techniques, automated cutting and splitting dramatically increase output volume.
  • You will achieve consistent log lengths, which will optimise resale profits.

Reduced Labour Costs

  • Fewer employees are needed to manage firewood processing
  • Eliminates the expense of hiring manual sawyers and splitters
  • Frees up existing staff to work on other revenue-generating tasks

Higher Profits

  • Faster firewood production = ability to sell higher volumes
  • Greater efficiency = reduced operating costs
  • Lower overhead costs mean better profit margins

Expanded Capabilities

  • Newer processor equipment has more functions, such as offering a wider range of high-margin wood products (e.g. kindling, wood pellets, etc.)

Consistency & Safety Improvements

  • Mechanised and automated processors increase uniformity in final firewood
  • Minimises high-risk manual tasks involving chainsaws or mauls

Firewood Processor Financing Options

If you are looking for new or used firewood processing machines, several finance options are available. Evangate FS can help you secure some of the best deals going at the lowest rates.

Here are some of the options available:

Hire Purchase (HP)

  • One of the most popular long-term finance options
  • Typically spread over 3-5 years
  • Ownership transfers to the buyer after the final payment
  • Flexible terms tailored for budgets

Finance Lease

  • Fixed monthly payments with flexible term lengths
  • No deposit or down payment is typically needed
  • Ownership can remain with the finance company
  • Allows for equipment upgrades during lease term

Operating Lease

  • Short 12-36 month rental agreements
  • Little or no deposit is required
  • Additional services like maintenance included
  • Return equipment at lease end

Business Loans

  • Flexible term loans (unsecured from £5k, secured from £25k)
  • Can be used to purchase log processing machines
  • Approval is often based on business financials and credit ratings
  • May require collateral as a guarantee for secured business loans

Call Evangate FS today, no matter what type of log processor you are looking for or your current business financial status. We are specialists in forestry finance and are more than likely able to put a deal together which will allow you to get your hands on new processing equipment.


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