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Bandit wood chipper for sale

The 5 Best Commercial Wood Chipper Brands For Tree Services

Most Popular Wood Chippers For Sale

Wood chippers are indispensable for arborists in the forestry or landscaping industry. But, finding the best wood chipper can be daunting amidst the massive number of brands and models available.

To help shed light on this matter, we conducted an extensive analysis of a prominent website ( that sells used wood chippers.

Our objective was to uncover the top-selling brands based on their popularity. In this post, we will detail our findings, and hopefully, it will help guide you in choosing the best commercial wood chipper for your needs.

Forst Wood Chippers

We start with Forst, who had the biggest range of used wood chippers for sale.

With their main headquarters and production facility located in Andover, UK, and service centres based in the UK and Germany – they are well placed to service UK arborists.

Standard Forst commercial chipper models include the ST line of towable chippers (STP being petrol driven), the TR track-driven chippers and the STD line of wheeled chippers with diesel engines.

At the time of writing this post, we discovered the most popular used Forst chippers for sale were the STP models, followed by the STD, and finally, the TR tracked models.

Second-hand prices also varied depending on the model. The price range is shown in the following table:

Forst ST6P woodchipper£9,950 – £13,000
Forst ST6D woodchipper£13,950 – £16,350
Forst ST8D diesel chipper£19,250 – £23,950
Forst TR6 tracked chipper£14,650 – £21,500
Forst TR8 chipper£22,500 – £24,380

The prices reflect the intended use of each piece of forestry equipment. The Forst ST6P models offer a compact and lightweight option for small operators (6″ chipping capacity), while the ST8D chippers provide a higher 8″ chipping capacity for larger branches and power more suited for landscapers and tree service providers. 

As you would expect, the TR8 tracked chippers are purpose-built for heavy-duty operations within forestry and commercial tree removal as they have been designed with a much bigger capacity (8-13″ capacities available), power and mobility.

The Forst ST8D is claimed to be the best-selling 8” wood chipper across the UK (and possibly Europe).

Indeed, the team at Evangate FS have helped many arborists finance Forst chippers with the ST8D featuring high on our list. If you want to discuss finance options for a new or used wood chipper, please get in touch today.

Timberwolf Commercial Chippers

Moving onto Timberwolf, who almost everyone in the industry and beyond has heard of.

Since its birth in 1986, Timberwolf has experienced significant growth and now employs more than 100 people at its manufacturing plant in Suffolk – with no signs of slowing down. They claim to be the leading manufacturer of commercial wood chippers in the UK and Europe.

Like Forst above, they offer a range of road towable and tracked chippers.

Their range expands into gravity-fed (TW 13/75G) and power take-off (PTO) wood chippers (TW PTO/100G & PTO/150H), which cater, respectively, to smaller operators and farmers who have tractors readily available.

Road towable and tracked chippers from Timberwolf come in both petrol and diesel variants, with feed openings ranging from 6” to 8”.

The used prices for Timberwolf chippers were on par with Forst, if perhaps a bit more expensive for equivalent fuel types and cutting capacity.

PTO100G chipper£4,350
TW150DHB woodchipper£7,660 – £11,500
TW230DHB diesel chipper£9,950 – £24,700
TW280PHB woodchipper£20,750 – £36,200
TW150VTR tracked chipper£8,000 – £11,495
TW230VTR tracked wood chipper£15,995 – £23,900

New Timberwolf chippers come with a 3-year “no-nonsense” warranty, with the option to increase this to 5 years, which may help explain why the used chipper prices are so strong.

With 45 dealer depots throughout the UK, getting support for any Timberwolf chipper should be straightforward.

Heizohack Wood Chippers

For over 30 years, Heizohack wood chippers have been setting the standard for efficiency, industry-leading uptime and productivity for the lowest cost of ownership.

From compact hand-fed models to powerful self-feeding machines capable of churning through whole tree trunks, Heizohack offers chipping solutions for operations of all sizes. The hand-fed chippers in their range can handle tree matter up to 40cm. If that’s not enough, their crane-fed wood chipper can handle  trees and trunks up to 80cm.

Add in their impeccable German engineering and build quality also means Heizohack wood chippers deliver when you need it most.

Unlike the other two brands already mentioned, Heizohack also provides pallet chippers to produce high-quality wood chips for the wood fuel market. Their rotor drum chipper shredder is designed specifically for processing biomass and wood waste into precisely sized fuel chips.

And there is no need to worry about screws or nails – it processes those too!

It is pretty clear from the prices that we noticed on the Marcus website that Heizohack chippers are at the higher end of the price scale, as can be seen in the table below:

Heizohack HM 6-300 VM£15,100 – £34,995
Heizohack HM8-400£34,000 – £42,200
Heizohack HM8-400K£59,000 – £64,995
Heizohack HM10-500K£62,995 – £130,000

When you begin to look at purchasing used chippers for sale in these price ranges, forestry finance brokers such as Evangate FS can be a godsend. We can look at various leasing and loan deals or investigate possible asset finance arrangements where you can use existing assets as leverage to get your hands on a Heizohack chipper.

To read more information about the Heizohack range, visit the site here.

TP Wood Chippers

TP is another brand who have years of experience, over 35 years in fact, in designing and manufacturing high-performance wood chipping equipment. Since 1980, TP chippers have helped arborists, farmers and landscapers process tree and plant waste into valuable wood chips and biomass material.

Based in Denmark, they place a strong emphasis on using the highest quality materials and production methods to build TP products.

They cater for a range of applications, allowing arborists to choose from mobile chippers mounted on wheeled carriers, tracked chippers for the ultimate manoeuvrability even in tough terrain, PTO chippers for vehicles with power take-off systems or tractors, and finally, crane assisted chippers equipped with an easy to use operator controlled crane to lift material into the automatic feeder.

The crane models are all PTO driven, which makes them ideal wood chippers for tractors, as the driver can grab trees and branches with the crane and then load them into the hopper without leaving the cab.

The TP model names make it easy to understand the maximum cutting diameters.

For example, the TP 100 PTO accepts trees up to 100mm, the TP 175 Mobile can handle up to 175mm, and the TP 215 Track can deal with material up to 215mm in diameter.

The largest cutting diameter in their range is 400mm which is found on the TP 400 PTO K.

Price wise, used TP wood chippers for sale on Mascus at the time of writing were:

TP 100 PTO£2,500 – £2,800
TP 100 Mobil£5,100 – £6,700
TP 200 PTO£10,600 – £10,900
TP 175 Mobil£17,700 – £19,800
TP 215 Track£42,300 – £47,300

When considering purchasing a TP wood chipper, aside from the equipment’s capabilities, the price is often a crucial factor that forestry workers take into account.

You should never compromise and select a less capable model because if you overload it, you will end up with more downtime and repair bills. That’s why we recommend looking at alternative leasing options so you can afford a larger chipper which is up to the job.

Bandit Industrial Wood Chippers

Last but not least, we analysed the cost of Bandit wood chippers for sale in the UK on the Mascus website.

Based in Remus, Michigan, Bandit focuses on building heavy-duty chippers using the highest quality components. Features like slide box feed systems, powerful hydraulic drives, minimal electronics and easy maintenance access are hallmarks of Bandit designs.

Some might say they are the Levi’s of the chipper world and are the go to brand.

As if the name Bandit wasn’t enough, they added models including the “Intimidator 12XP” and “Intimidator 18XP”.

Wheeled and tracked chippers catered for all of the used Bandit equipment for sale – with prices ranging from a respectable £11,00 up to a colossal £413,100 for a Bandit 4680T Beast Recycler (possibly the best heavy-duty wood chipper shredder on the market).

These are a few of the models and prices listed:

Bandit 150£15,300 – £17,900
Bandit 200£20,400 – £28,300
Bandit Intimidator 12XP£25,800 – £41,700
Bandit 255XP£23,110 – £64,500
Bandit 2290£58,900 – £212,000

With these heftier prices comes bigger cutting diameters.

Like the TP chippers, specific Bandit model names give clues to the maximum cutting width. For example, the Intimidator 12XP Towable can take trees up to 12″, the 15XP up to 15″ and the 18XP up to 18 inches in diameter.

Other Commercial Wood Chipper Manufacturers

For those in the market for a reliable and efficient machine to help with their forestry or landscaping needs, there are other brands to consider:

  • Greenmech
  • Schliesing
  • Eliet
  • Jenson
  • Farmi
  • Mus-Max
  • Morbark

These manufacturers have built a reputation for producing high-quality wood chippers that are renowned for their durability and performance.

Some incorporate innovative systems like no-stress technology, preventing engine overload while optimising efficiency.

But all of them are designed to handle various types of materials, from small trees and brushwood to large branches, with the end result, being usable wood chips or mulch.

Wood Chipper Finance

It usually always comes down to money.

Securing a new or used chipper to start or grow your business can feel like a headache. That is why you should use a broker with experience in arranging leases or loans for this type of machinery.

Firstly, a broker has access to multiple funding options, which means they can explore the best options for your specific needs, not just what one bank offers.

We can often get you customised terms by speaking to our multiple lenders, so we can arrange more favourable repayment terms that work best for your cash flow, such as longer terms or skipped payments during slow seasons.

Our team also simplifies the finance process as we complete the paperwork and application processes for you. This makes it less time-consuming for you.

And this is probably the biggest benefit – we often get lower rates. By requesting quotes from multiple lenders, we can most likely achieve lower interest rates than you could get directly from a bank.

This makes using a reputable broker a smart choice for arranging the best funding for your wood chipping equipment.

Please speak to us today.


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