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The team at Evangate FS love delving into the world of finance to discover new interesting facts, and some historical ones too. We have shared our experiences and our findings in our blog. Please feel free to share the posts that you find interesting.

Image with the words How to start sustainable farming in the UK

How To Start Sustainable Farming In The UK

As the UK moves towards the end of the transition period out of the European Union, there is a strong focus on new trade deals …

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Photo of cows with strap line how to get the best deal on livestock finance

How To Get The Best Deal On Livestock Finance

The challenges facing livestock farmers have never been so significant. One of the greatest threats to livestock farming is the increasing pressure to consider the …

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Photo of John Deere electric tractor ploughing field

The Transition Towards Electric & Hybrid Farm Machinery

The transition from fuel to electricity is well underway. Electric and hybrid cars are all over our roads now, but the move is taking longer …

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Image of building plans to signify How to get planning permission on agricultural land

How To Get Planning Permission On Agricultural Land For Property Development

Planning and developing agricultural land comes with an entire set of issues and constraints. The main one is that preserving natural, green spaces is crucial …

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Image of new tractor vs used tractor machinery

The Pros and Cons of Buying New Agricultural Machinery vs. Used Machinery

Money no object, we’d all love to go out and buy brand new agricultural machinery and equipment. But for most, that just isn’t a reality. …

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How Farmers & Growers Are The Unsung Heroes Of Covid-19

How Farmers & Growers Are The Unsung Heroes Of Covid-19

With a dramatic increase in people stockpiling food, the current pandemic has placed extra stress and demand on UK farmers and growers. Unlike many sectors …

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