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The team at Evangate FS love delving into the world of finance to discover new interesting facts, and some historical ones too. We have shared our experiences and our findings in our blog. Please feel free to share the posts that you find interesting.

photo of slurry infrastructure tank

Slurry Infrastructure Grant

After much anticipation and discussion, the UK government finally opened applications for the new slurry infrastructure grant at the end of 2022. If you haven’t ...
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Wind turbines on coast

Wind Turbine Repowering

The UK’s first wind turbine to produce electricity was built in Scotland in 1887. Although not nearly as effective as newer models, the first turbine ...
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Farming technology

R&D Tax Credits For Farmers And The Agriculture Industry

The UK agricultural industry is facing more challenges than ever before. With a growing population to feed and urban areas encroaching on farmland, not to ...
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Image of business owner with bad credit score

Bad Credit Business Loans

Are you looking to set up a business? Or perhaps you want to expand your existing business or diversify your business operations. Whatever your plans ...
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Commercial property

Top 10 Commercial Mortgage & Property Finance FAQs

Don’t know where to start when it comes to commercial mortgages? Our commercial property brokers have pulled together the top 10 frequently asked questions. In ...
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image of farm tractor spreading

The Rising Cost Of Farming Inputs

According to government reports, the cost to consumers for products grown on local UK farms has risen by an average of 10% in the last ...
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