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Asset Finance

Hire Purchase / Finance Leasing - solutions to best suit your business

How does it work?

Asset Finance is the most common method of financing assets for your business.  There are three key methods of asset financing available, dependent on your individual requirements:

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is when a finance company purchases the asset on your behalf and you pay the remaining balance, plus interest, over an agreed period of time.

Once all outstanding payments have been made in accordance with the finance agreement, full ownership of the asset is transferred to you.

Finance Leasing

Finance Leasing is when a finance company purchases the asset and rents it to your business for an agreed period of time, whilst retaining ownership of the asset.

Once the lease comes to an end, you have the option to return the asset to the company and upgrade to new equipment on a new lease, or continue leasing the goods for an extended period for a pre-agreed annual payment.

Re-Finance or Equity Release

If you need to raise capital to assist the growth of your business, and you own assets such as vehicles or machinery, equity release is a fantastic way to access funds at short notice.

The finance provider simply purchases the asset from you and finances it back to you for a pre-agreed term, in either Hire Purchase or Finance Lease format.

This is a great way to free up working capital by unlocking the value of the assets held on your balance sheet. This product is suitable for advances of up to £10,000 for limited companies and £25,000 for sole trader and partnerships.

Why choose Evangate?


After a short phone call to gather some background information about you and your business needs, we’ll get to work on sourcing the best deal for you.


We understand that when securing finance, time is of the essence. We will have a decision in principle to you within 48 hours of having all necessary documentation.


We are strong believers in regular face-to-face meetings with our customers.  This allows us to really get to know your business and focus on developing a strong, long-term relationship with you.


With over 20 years experience in providing finance for small-medium businesses, we are perfectly placed to help you find the correct solution for your business. And, with our extensive network of trusted professionals, in the unlikely event that we can’t personally help you, we’ll connect you with someone that can.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business growth through Asset Finance.


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