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Forestry Forwarder Price Guide

Given the crucial role forestry forwarders play in logging operations, timber harvesters and contractors must purchase the right machine at the right price.

This guide will help you understand what’s available in the used forestry forwarder marketplace. Whether you want to add equipment to your fleet or replace ageing machines, it will hopefully help your buying decisions!

Based on a recent sampling of over 970 used forestry forwarders listed for sale in the UK on the Mascus website (, models range from older 1990s vehicles to newer 2020 editions with prices spanning from £19,000 for older models up to £248,000 for late model units with low hours.

Leading brands like John Deere, Komatsu, Ponsse, Valmet, and Rottne are all available to buy and finance (Speak to Evangate FS for low rates, flexible terms, and quick asset finance).

We have included a table below with all the asking prices for forestry forwarders to give you some benchmarks on machine values. You will see how prices compare between manufacturers and how the production year significantly impacts resale pricing.

We break down sales listings by make, model, and year to identify price patterns. If you’re looking to invest in new or used forestry forwarders for your business, understanding machine values can help you decide whether to purchase outright or look into some form of finance for forwarders.

Forestry Forwarders For Sale

Pulling key specifications like production year and listed sale price, this table gives you a quick way to compare popular forestry forwarder manufacturers and what real-world resale values look like.

Most late-model machines under 10,000 operating hours run from £100k to upwards of £200k depending on the make and specific features. You’ll notice certain brands, like John Deere, command higher resale values for newer versions.

Remember this as you look at the particular models that match your operations and budget.

BrandModelYear of ManufacturePrice (GBP)
JOHN DEERE1210G2019170,000
JOHN DEERE1510G2019180,000
JOHN DEERE1510G2020205,000
JOHN DEERE1510G LPG2021220,000
JOHN DEERE1910G2020248,000
KOMATSU895 (XT)2019185,000
PONSSEElephant 8W2014110,000

Small Forestry Forwarders

Small forestry forwarders are compact and lightweight. They are designed for small-scale forestry operations or use in sensitive woodland sites that can’t be damaged by larger forwarders/harvesters.

These compact forwarders have a narrow width, typically around 2 metres, and low ground pressure to minimize damage to soils, roots, and retained trees during thinning operations. They are perfect for timber extraction in confined spaces or on steep, wet terrain that is inaccessible to larger machines.

Popular manufacturers of small forestry forwarders include:

  • Malwa – They make a 2-metre wide, 5.5-tonne forwarder, which is suited for early woodland thinning. Malwa has also produced a new wider 2.2 metre, 9.8-tonne model. Models include 560H (Harvester), 560F (Forwarder) and 560C (Combi).
  • Alstor – Manufacture mini forwarders with 8-wheel drive that can handle challenging terrain. Models include the Alstor 834 and 822. These are so compact they can be towed behind a 4×4 vehicle to get them to and from a site.
  • Vimek – Their “Next Generation” model was designed specifically for young forest thinning. This 7-tonne, 8-wheel drive forwarder with a 2.2 litre Caterpillar engine putting out 75bhp is known for reliability and low environmental impact.

Forwarder Brands

When purchasing a forwarder or harvester for timber operations, one of the first decisions is which brand and model to select.

Choosing the right forestry forwarder for your needs will be based on terrain, site sensitivities, required load capacity, operator ergonomics, and budget.

Evangate Financial Services can provide finance options for all brands, from global equipment manufacturers to smaller machine specialists. We can even refinance existing forestry equipment.

We’ve listed most, if not all, of the log forwarder manufacturers worldwide, along with their websites (if they still exist). Feel free to visit their sites for more information:

Log Forwarder Financing

Very rarely will a forestry operator or arborist pay cash for a new or used forwarder or harvester. It makes much better sense to use a flexible finance option to get your hands on log forwarders in the UK.

Here are some of the options available:

1. Hire Purchase

One of the most common financing methods is hire purchase, which allows you to spread forwarder payments over 1-5 years. A 10-35% deposit is typically required upfront, followed by fixed monthly payments. Once all payments are made, ownership of the forwarder is transferred to you. We can help you find the best rates.

2. Operating Leases

With an operating lease, you pay a monthly rental fee to use the forwarder for a fixed term (typically 3-5 years), after which it is returned. Operating leases allow more flexibility if your operational needs change. Compared to hire purchase, the initial outlay is often less. And, one benefit is that maintenance costs can also be bundled into lease payments.

3. Finance Leases

A finance lease is similar to a hire purchase agreement, but instead, the lender purchases the forwarder (harvester), and you lease it from them. You can also have an option to acquire ownership of the machine at the end of the term. Finance leases provide predictable monthly payments while preserving capital for other business investments.

4. Business Loans

We have access to over 50 specialist lenders who offer secured loans specifically for forestry machinery purchases. If you wish to use this route, this provides you with upfront capital to purchase the forwarder outright. Payments are structured into a repayment schedule over a set term.

5. Manufacturer Finance Plans

If you buy a machine directly from the manufacturer, many of them will encourage you to take out a finance plan through one of their partnerships with banks/lenders. While you have the option to do this, you might find their rates and terms less favourable than those of an independent finance broker.

So, when financing a new or used log forwarder, be sure to compare all such options based on rates, fees, flexibility for your cash flow, and ownership goals.

Speak to one of the team at Evangate FS to get a free finance quote.


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